5 Things to Know Before Going To A Swingers Club

So, you have talked to your other half about the swinging lifestyle and both of you want to try it. That’s great!
Some people are considering meeting couples online, some people are going to swingers clubs. Having an online profile could make everything so much easier, but swinging clubs are so entertaining!
We have talked to many swingers, so we found out what are the most important 5 things to know before going to a swingers club!

Photo source: pixabay.com

1.First of all, you need to be sure that both of you are on the same page. This is the most important rule in the swinging lifestyle, no matter if you are going to swingers clubs or you are just creating an online profile together.
But, being in a club could be a little different. Just imagine this scene: you are planning on testing the waters, but your spouse wants to make a whole night out of it. What would you do? So, it is very important to know what both of you really want.

2. You should definitely set your rules. Period. Not setting the rules could cause fights and arguments and let’s face it, nobody wants them. So, before leaving the house, be sure that you are “allow to touch, but not kiss” or “allow to kiss, but not doing a full swap”, or whatever you want to happen.
Also, do not forget that the rules could change while you are in the club. If you are meeting someone and you are feeling really comfortable with them, everything can change. Talk about this with your other half!

3. Don’t overdo the alcohol! Who wants to have sex with a wasted couple, who can barely talk to you? Yes, that’s true, nobody! Of course, 1-2 drinks never hurt anybody, but be careful how much you are drinking. Also, too much alcohol could affect your performance and you could ruin everything.

4. We strongly recommend you to go to a swinging club and watch others how are doing it. On your first time, you could just go and watch, without playing. It would be easier to set your rules and boundaries and also, to understand how the lifestyle really is. No matter how much you are reading about it, seeing it in real life could be a little different than your imagination.

5. And the last, but not least, be social! The people that are into the lifestyle are mostly very sociable and friendly. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation and discover other couples.

For an amazing swinging experience, like any other experiences in a relationship, you need to communicate with each other. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. And to a kinky one, of course :).

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